“Her eyes speak in a language unknown. Of hopes, aspiration and a million other things, craving to be understood, craving to be set free.”
“Subtle charm, deep desires and a ton of dreams, all buried under the comforts of her fiery eyes.”
“​Glitz and glamour, an embodiment of sheer confidence. She spoke of a style like none other.”
Priyamvada Krishnan (@priyamvadakrishnan) for FWDLife @fwdlife_magazine 
Photography & Retouch: Anand A N (@anandclix)
Styled by: Bettina Maria Celin (@bettina_maria_celin)
Hair & Makeup: Blessy Mary Chacko (@blessymarychacko21)
Costumes: Vewora (@vewora_store)
Location: Dutch Bungalow, ABAD Hotels & Resorts (@abad.hotels)
Special Mention: Jinson Abraham (@jinsabraham), Abhilash M (abhi4ever__), Ekta Bhatted (@ektabhatted)
Photography team : Umarul Adil K N (@__adil.kn), Imthiyas Iqbal (@imthiyas_iqbal) Cinematography & Editing : Ajay Das (@ajay_das), Amal Joseph (@anly_joseph)
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